Do you think Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will ban from tomorrow?

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, May face Severe Issues.

The biggest social media businesses operating in the nation, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, may face severe issues. The Central Government ordered all social media businesses operating in the nation to observe specific guidelines and granted them three months to comply, which ends on May 26th 2021. According to insiders, the key concern is whether Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will be shut down after two days if they have not obeyed the government’s requirements so far. According to sources, the indigenous social media platform, has begun to respect the government’s guidelines.

In India, social media portals serve as an intermediary, and if someone publishes offensive remarks or postings on social media, no social media firm is penalised since they are protected by the Indian government. However, insiders say the government may revoke Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram’s immunity if they do not comply with the government’s directives by May 26th 2021.

The Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India, ordered social media businesses to obey specific directives within three months on February 25, 2021, and the order was also published in the Government of India’s Gazette. According to the regulation, social media corporations must hire compliance officers and nodal officials in India, each of whom must have a legal background.

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